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serious game + virtual reality

Virtual reality offers a broad range of application fields. This simulation demonstrates the potential for supporting agoraphobia therapy.



Virtual Reality

VR offers the possibility to create an immersive and realistic environment that allows the presentation of complex and dynamic 3D stimuli. Within this context, a subway ride as an instrument for exposure therapy will be virtually simulated with the aim of relieving the patient’s fear through the VR experience.

Fully controllable

The simulation is controlled and monitored by the therapist during the VR-exposure. At any point, the simulation can be modified and adapted to the individual therapy progress. Unpredictable and potentially dangerous situations can therefore be avoided.


Besides the economical advantages such as time savings, being utilized in a safe and discrete environment, patients who are not willing to engage in in-vivo exposure may benefit from this form of treatment.


3D Game Engine

Unity offers a large pool of useful tools for simulating virtual reality experiences.

Its new feature “HDRP Renderpipeline” was used in the Subway Simulation to create a visual pleasing and immersive experience.

3D Showroom

All models are handmade and explicitly made for the simulation. Few textures and resources are taken from 3rd party websites and are marked as such on the GitHub-wiki. A handful of models are shown below. As for the software used to create our assets, Blender, Substance Painter, Substance Designer were used.